Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Why Actual Cash Value (ACV) Insurance Is a Bad Idea

When purchasing an insurance policy for your home or business, there is the option of choosing actual cash value. This provides you with cash for your damaged or lost items, but according to many FL public adjusters there are a number of reasons why purchasing this type of insurance is a bad idea.

Actual cash value sounds more appealing than it actually is for homeowners and business owners. The interpretation of actual cash value is one that is not exact. It could be more accurately termed as fair market value in many jurisdictions. The actual cash value is what would be paid for an item if it was sold in its current condition and not what it could cost brand new.

The main problem with actual cash value policies is that it factors in depreciation. It does not matter how much you paid for an item. You usually wind up receiving far less than that amount. Some courts may even consider older model items to be outdated and further reduce their value. Something only a AmeriClaims public adjust can try to fight.

If your home incurred storm damage and your 7-year old hot water heater ruptured as a result, your ACV policy would not pay for the entire cost of a new hot water heater. Instead, it would appraise the old water heater and pay that amount towards the cost of a new water heater. Even if that old hot water was in peak working condition, the insurance company would factor in depreciation along with wear and tear.
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If an item is stolen from your home, then the insurance company will automatically figure that wear and tear affected that item. So if a barely-used three year-old camera was stolen, the insurance company would assume it had three years of heavy usage. Coupling that with the fact that it is a dated model, the ACV payout is likely to be rather minimal.

The insurance company adjuster will use a formula to appraise these items, which includes age and category of the specific item or property. There adjuster’s account will also be considered as his/her report will influence the final ACV.

What ACV does is actually give insurance companies a lot of wiggle room when it comes to paying you as little as possible for your damaged, stolen or lost property. It can work against homeowners and leave them with much less of a payout than they would normally expect to receive.

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