Thursday, August 26, 2021

Don’t Stress With Self Repairs or Replace Property When You Have a Claim

Insurance claims are all about fixing something that has been damaged. In instances when a home or business is damaged, property owners will want to make repairs and replace their property as quickly as possible. However, property owners do not have to do either of those things. In this article, AmeriClaims Inc. Public Adjuster gives us a better look at how the repair process works.

Insurance policies were designed so that property owners do not have to make repairs or replace their property. All they have to do is report the damages. And in order to assess the damage in its entirety, insurance companies will need to get a close-up view of the damage.

Now, this process will not happen overnight. The good news is that it will happen as long as you follow the proper protocol and that does not mean conceding to the suggestions of your insurance company.

Within every insurance policy, there is something called Additional Living Expenses. This covers the costs of your day-to-day living while repairs are being made to your property. Keep all receipts and submit them to your insurance company for reimbursement. And the longer it takes insurance companies to fix your damaged property, the longer it has to keep paying these living expenses. That could prompt them to speed up the process and take more immediate action.

Nevertheless, you will not have to repair a single thing. You can also select which contractors you would like to make the repairs. They are the ones who will be entrusted with fixing your home. You will still have to maintain mortgage payments that were in place before the damage, but it will not be on you to make any repairs. Any of our public adjusters in Florida, South Carolina or North Carolina can guide you through the whole process.

Any repairs that you do make could be contested by your insurance company and it could also be used to lessen your settlement. In some extreme cases, it could be used to deny your claim.

Clearing debris is not deemed the same as making repairs and this is something property owners can do, in addition to closing up holes that could lead to further damage. However, the extent of that generally applies to boarding up windows or covering a hole in the roof with a tarp.

AmeriClaims provides residents of the Charlotte area with someone they can turn to when faced with any kind of property damage. Our North Carolina public adjusters will walk you through the process and level the playing field so that insurance companies cannot take advantage of you. After disaster strikes, strike back at insurance companies by contacting AmeriClaims right away. 

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