Monday, March 29, 2021

Benefits of Hiring a Public Adjuster vs Handling a Claim on Your Own

There are lots of reasons it pays to hire a public adjuster after your home sustains a fire or any other type of damage. First, it is important to know that a public adjuster is working for you. Insurance companies have teams of people working to either deny your claim or pay out as little as possible. It is always important to have someone on your side and here’s a look at more ways a public adjuster can benefit you.

Time is on your side

Wading through the insurance claim process involves a fair amount of paperwork. That takes a lot of time to complete. The back and forth correspondence with insurance companies also takes time. Hiring a public adjuster puts time back on your side and allows a professional to handle all those time-consuming details.

Expert insight

Most homeowners are not well-versed in the more minute details of their policy. A public adjuster knows what’s what and can understand all the fine print. That helps immensely because you may overlook something of great importance when attempting to handle your own claim.

Show you mean business

When you hire a public adjuster, an insurance company knows it cannot get away with offering you an insufficient settlement. This will change their tactics. Bringing on a public adjuster will show an insurance company that you mean business as you now have a professional to help you through each step of the process.

Expedite the process

A public adjuster will be able to put your claim on the fast track. Insurance companies make requests during the claims process and if you are unsure of what you are doing, it may take multiple attempts to complete those requests. This could put an unwanted delay into the entire process. An adjuster can complete each step quickly and efficiently.

More money

Multiple studies have shown that settlements are larger when a public adjuster is involved. Even though you have to pay a public adjuster, you could still wind up receiving more money because the payout is likely to be significantly higher.

A better state of mind

Handling a claim yourself brings on a lot of worry and stress. But when you turn over your claim to a public adjuster, you also relinquish much of your anxiety. This means you will not have to constantly worry about mishandling the process or trying to learn an entirely new process. You will be in a better overall state after hiring a qualified public adjuster for property damage claims.