Monday, February 22, 2021

What You Should Expect When You Suffer a Claim

fire damaged, fire damaged property
The aftermath of any disaster is never a pleasant time. And when your home or business is damaged, it can really take a toll. People often find themselves very down after experiencing such a loss. That could some people vulnerable to insurance companies who are looking to pay out as little as possible, says AmeriClaims Public Adjusters.

Some people believe that insurance companies are supposed to swoop in and compensate your losses. That is not the case at all. Don’t expect them to be willing to just throw money at you. It is not their business to lose money, so they will respond by trying to pay out as little as possible.

That means they could try and scrutinize everything about your claim. Don’t take it personally. That is their business and it is the same for the majority of people who file insurance claims. Just realize that your insurance company is not always your friend. And when you file a claim for property damage, they often become your enemy.

There are certain steps you should take right after your home or business sustains damage. That is simply the beginning of what can be a long fight between you and your insurance company. 
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Hiring a Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina public adjuster will provide you with help in that fight. It is the business of a public adjuster to know the ins and outs of all the games that insurance companies will attempt to play. And all that is done in an attempt to pay you as little as possible. Here are some helpful hints you can do to help in that fight:

•    Make records of all communication with insurance company
•    Gather receipts of all damaged items
•    Follow the advice of your South Carolina, North Carolina, or Florida public adjuster
•    Save all receipts of expenses incurred while waiting for repairs
•    Pay for all contract work with credit card or check

You should also be prepared for a lengthy battle, one which might force you to live elsewhere for a while. It may be an inconvenience, but remember that it is only temporary. Also, keep in mind that doing all the right things through this process could allow you to return to an even nicer home or business when a settlement is reached.

AmeriClaims will stand by you through the claims process and advise you on how to handle each step. It pays to have a professional in your corner and AmeriClaims Public Adjusters are ready to take on insurance companies and start fighting for you.