Thursday, December 31, 2020

What You Should Do After a Business Suffers a Disaster

Businesses need to take all sorts of protective measures just in case something goes wrong. Disasters can occur at any moment and knowing what to do when that occurs is an essential part of the rebuilding process. Any type of business property loss can be overwhelming to deal with, that is why having some knowledge of what can be expect beforehand is highly recommended by public adjusters. Here is a look at what to do after a business sustains damage because of a disaster.

stores severely damaged by fire

Let the Damage Speak For Itself

Leave the damage as it is and take the necessary measures to prevent any further damage. That requires all of the damaged items to remain in place and also includes not cleaning up the mess. An insurance company will send someone out to inspect the damage and it needs to be as it was just after disaster struck.

Provide Notice of Claim

Your insurance company will need to be notified that your business has sustained damage.
There are several ways to do this. First, you can contact your insurance agent directly via telephone. Even if the disaster occurred at night, insurance companies have off-hour numbers used for reporting claims. There is also the option of filing a claim online.

Prepare the Claim

Getting paid for a claim does not happen overnight as there is a process involved. It is not as though your insurance company will send someone out, inspect the damages, cut you a check and be on their way. It is up to business owners to put together an inventory of items that were damaged or destroyed. There is generally a 60-day window to file a claim. That gives business owners an ample amount of time to go through all of the damage and provide estimates for repairs. Those estimates are expected to be very specific. The more detailed, the better. A business owner may also seek out a public adjuster to assist with the claims process.

Be Prepared To Wait

Larger claims have a tendency to take longer to pay out. This could include months of putting together documentation of damages and collecting the necessary information that insurance companies will request. There is also a fair amount of negotiating that goes into settling a claim, which means business owners do not always have to settle for their first offer. This insurance claim negotiations process can involve a lot of back and forth before all is said and done.

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